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For Parents

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School Board

Dear Parent,

As the Board of Fountain City Christian School, we are overjoyed to welcome you to a new year and look
forward to all that God has planned for us in the coming months.

The role of the school board is to set the mission and vision for FCCS. Our mission (or what we do) is
to train each child to identify truth, think critically, and live justly according to God’s Word, as we worship
Jesus and serve others. Our vision (or why we do it) is that the community needs a school where God’s people join together to train the next generation to worship God with their entire lives: intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Because of this our students will be Kingdom-minded servant leaders who seek wisdom, are filled with the Fruit of the Spirit, and are ready to train more disciples.

The Administration together with the School Board develops and communicates Fountain City Christian School’s mission, vision, philosophy, direction and priorities. We also develop policies governing the school’s operation and educational programs that are consistent with the guidelines of our accrediting association, ICAA, and applicable local, state and federal law and regulations.

We invite you to read through and become familiar with this handbook so that you too, can become a part of the mission, vision, philosophy and direction for Fountain City Christian School.


Fountain City School Board

School Board Members

Name: Mrs. Melissa Brinkman
Title: advisor
Name: Mrs. Stacy Carlin
Title: Secretary
Name: Mr. Garry Courtney
Title: President
Name: Mr. Dan Sander
Title: Advisor
Name: Mrs. Jeanne Shankster
Title: Advisor


2020 Fountain City Christian School
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