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Basic to the philosophy of Fountain City Christian School is the fact that children, parents, and teachers are partners in promoting a quality Christ-centered education. Through interactive, supportive relationships between the home and school contexts, students have a better opportunity to develop their potential as a total person.

At the heart of the education process reside the children and their unique needs, interests and abilities. Each student is accepted as a valuable and unique individual, loved by God, and capable of growth toward the highest spiritual, personal and academic achievement consistent with his/ her ability. This requires the setting of high educational standards and providing each child with the appropriate learning environment and educational experiences to achieve these goals.

Fountain City Christian School’s Statement of Philosophy

    • We believe every child is loved by God and is created in His image.
    • We believe every child can learn.
    • We provide appropriate guidance, experiences and materials for learning.
    • We invite children to share the responsibility for their education, recognizing that they learn best when actively involved.
    • We encourage cooperative learning: child/parent, child/child, child/teacher.
    • We maintain learning goals for which we are accountable.
    • We direct all our efforts toward developing curious, thoughtful, life-long learners who honor God and serve others.

Fountain City Christian School’s Statement of Instructional Strategies

    • We stand for a strong basic curriculum: reading, writing, arithmetic. We expect our children to grow up literate
    • In addition, we regard Bible, science, social studies, music, the arts, foreign language, physical and health education, as
      essential parts of a core curriculum.
    • We favor an integrated curriculum as the most natural and practical way to learn.
    • We educate all aspects of our children. We care about spiritual, social, emotional, and physical well being, as well as academic
    • We believe that high expectations will help bring about high achievement.
    • We foster self-respect in our children, and cultivate respect for all others in our school, child and adult alike.
    • We encourage a diversity of teaching styles, approaches, and methods.
    • We recognize the differences in children, not only the diversity in their learning styles, but also cultural differences.
    • We advocate for children, and our efforts on their behalf are positive and nurturing.
    • We teach by example.


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