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About Us

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Our students will know, understand, and apply our mission on a daily basis.

We are here today so that we can learn to…

according to God’s Word,
as we worship Jesus and serve others.

This will be achieved as we:

    • Instruct from a Biblical world-view.
    • Assess through a process which takes into account student learning outcomes.
    • Engage students in their world as they discover and serve.
    • Grow our classroom environments to include teaching that interacts at multiple levels.
    • Challenge students to achieve beyond their expectations.
    • Develop character in each student based on God’s instruction.
    • Prayerfully support each family involved in the school.
    • Pursue healthy relationships with local churches and ministries.
    • Work together as a faculty and staff to lead by example as life-long learners committed to following Jesus Christ.
    • Operate consistently within our vision and mission.


2020 Fountain City Christian School
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